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This video shows CadCam Technology's Contour Cut system laser cutting panels that have been sublimated onto a sportswear fabric so that they are ready to be put together to create a garment.

Contour Cut has been specially designed and developed to automate the cutting of printed fabrics and materials.

The camera system picks up printed registration marks to map the cutting area and automatically compensates for any fabric distortion ensuring accurate cuts at high speed.


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About CadCam Technology Ltd’s laser cutting machines.

CadCam Technology Ltd design and manufacture state of the art laser cutting and laser engraving machines as well as develop bespoke embroidery & CAD software.

Our latest range of laser cutting machines are designed to be an efficient and productive asset to your business. We have combined over 20 years of experience with state of the art technology to give you the ultimate laser cutting solution.
Many industries are now finding that laser cutting technology is far superior to other cutting methods and our laser cutting machines have proved to be successful in all types of markets from automotive to textiles.

Our laser cutting machines demonstrate the precision to cut a wide variety of materials at speeds suitable for mass production.

The laser cutting machines that we produce are able to cut a wide range of materials:

- Plastics (including acrylic upto 25mm)
- Fabrics and textiles (Including nylon, suede, polyester, polyester cotton, linen, felt, lycra, chiffon, mohair, wool, silk, cotton, denim rayon and hemp)
- Technical textiles (Airbags, automotive, medical, military and sportswear materials)
- Woven labels
- Embroidered products (Appliques, badges)
- Leather (Natural and synthetic for automotive, fashion, shoes, bags and belts)
- Wood (Including balsa, birch plywood, laser ply, cork, MDF, veneer, veneered MDF, formica and engraving laminates)
- Paper and card
- Vinyl
- Foam
- Rubber
- Glass (engraving)
- Flooring (Linoleum, car mat and carpet tiles)

Since 1990 CadCam Technology Ltd have been manufacturing Laser cutting machines at our headquarters in Nottinghamshire, England.

Using only quality materials and the highest specification components, the machines that we produce provide years of efficient productivity and laser cutting of the highest quality.

All of our machines are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality.

For more information please visit our website:

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