Creating signs with ArtCAM Insignia, the introductory 3D modelling package from Delcam (Red peppers sign)



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  • uploaded March 1, 2013

This video is taken from an online tutorial to show how a 3D sign could be created with Delcam’s mid range artistic CADCAM software, ArtCAM Insignia. /nArtCAM Insignia is the introductory 3D modelling and machining package designed for sign makers. In this video you will see how to automatically create vectors from bitmap images, convert vector shapes into 3D shapes using the Shape Editor, apply textures to your design and use the ArtCAM Insignia Sculpting tools./nPlease note that there is now a newer version of ArtCAM Insignia called ArtCAM Insignia 2012, which contains even more design and manufacturing features. For more information about ArtCAM insignia and the new version please go to:

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