Creating a textured sign in CADCAM software, ArtCAM Express (Shoe Shoppe Sign)



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  • uploaded March 1, 2013

This video is taken from an online demonstration and shows how to create a textured sign using Delcam’s entry level CADCAM software for sign-makers, ArtCAM Express. Express starts at only £99 and includes 2D design and 2D/3D machining capabilities. /nIn the video you will see how to create a sign with: a border created by off-setting vectors, text that has been selected from a library of fonts and then wrapped along the curved edge of the sign, texture added to the background of the sign by using pre-created textures within ArtCAM, v-bit carving by selecting the CNC machine tools from ArtCAM’s database as well as simulating the chosen toolpath to ensure that it is correct prior to machining. You will also see some other features that have been developed to help visualise the final design, such as renders of the sign in a different materials as well as saving a rotatable 3D PDF of the sign suitable for email, to help you demonstrate the sign to customers. /nPlease note: a newer version of ArtCAM Express now exists called, ArtCAM 2012. If more features are required it can be enhanced by purchasing additional modules. For more information on the new features please go to:

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