Creating a sign with ArtCAM Express 2011 (COCO Lounge)



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  • uploaded March 1, 2013

This video is from an online demonstration showing a sign (coco lounge) being created in ArtCAM Express 2011, the entry level CADCAM software package from Delcam. ArtCAM Express (starting from £99) is a software package that can be enhanced with additional modules or upgraded to the introductory 3D modelling package ArtCAM Insignia or the advanced 3D modelling and machining package, ArtCAM Pro. /nThis video shows how ArtCAM Express (without modules) can import a bitmap and create the vectors directly from the image. It then shows how one of ArtCAM’s free 3D model can be added to the sign to add dimension. (ArtCAM includes 500 free pieces of relief clipart). /nOther features shown include: writing text from a library of fonts, offsetting vectors, measuring tool, v-bit carving, relief machining and area clearance.
For more information go to: note: Delcam has since released ArtCAM Express 2012, which has even more functionality that shown in this video. For more information on ArtCAM Express 2012 go to:

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