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The perfect symbiosis of functionality and design
New light technical fabric ETTLIN lux® in a laser test/nETTLIN lux® is a completely new light technical material that interacts with LED lights. If LED lights are shone through the high-tech material, the observer will see fascinating three-dimensional luminous structures. The fabric, which has already won multiple awards since being brought onto the market, is available in many different types with different optical characteristics and material properties. As a result, it is possible to create effects which vary in intensity, length, brightness, form and depth. Flame retardant, UV resistant and weather resistant varieties are also available. eurolaser has tested various types of the special material for its laser cutting behaviour and on the basis of this we would now like to present to you two materials:/nSmart Glas solution for architecture and design/nIn the case of ETTLIN lux® Smart Glas, the three-dimensional light effects are created by embedding a light technical fabric into laminated glass (Float glass or tempered safety glass). The special effect glass that this creates can be processed like standard laminated glass, and is available in custom sizes. Pre-coloured Smart Glas varieties and different fabrics with the different effects clear, diffuse, colourful and extra long, open up additional room for designers to experiment. The material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for the production of insulating glass./nPossible areas of application
The possible applications for the new Smart Glas solution are almost unlimited. Here are a few examples which illustrate the creative potential of the new material for architecture and design:/n-In living areas furniture, objects, room dividers and surfaces made of ETTLIN lux® Smart Glas become an integral part of the lighting concept
-Kitchens are improved both optically and functionally by the material, either used as a complete covering for the back wall, or as a splash guard behind the sink or hob
-In restaurants and hotels the illuminations create a prestigious feel, in shops and exhibition rooms, in showrooms and on trade fair stands they create eye-catching features
-Thanks to the three-dimensional effect low and narrow rooms appear much more spacious/nDecorative fabric for three-dimensional light design/nThe ETTLIN lux® Decolux decorative fabric combines the light technical characteristics of the ETTLIN lux® fabric with the aesthetic and haptic advantages of good quality contract fabrics. In terms of its optical and haptic characteristics and colour scheme, the fabric is no different than standard contract fabrics. However, once the lights are turned on, its decorative design appears in the background supporting an ambient lighting design. At the same time, when used as fabric covering for acoustically effective modules, the material can optimise the room acoustics in open-plan offices and communication areas such as bars, restaurants, seminar and event venues./nPossible areas of application/nETTLIN lux® Decolux provides the perfect symbiosis between functionality and design, for example as/n-individually designed wall and ceiling coverings
-fabric coverings for acoustically effective modules
-decorative elements in a room
-furniture fronts or back walls
-vehicle interiors/nETTLIN lux® Decolux is available in a wide range of coloured décor sets with striped effects, blends or structured surfaces. More than 50 available colours allow for maximum freedom in designing. Furthermore, the choice of type, number and positioning of the light sources behind the fabric allows you to create entirely customised light groups./nProcessing with a laser/nETTLIN lux® effect fabrics can be cut with standard scissors and knives. Ultrasonic welding and sewing are also commonly used processing methods. In the eurolaser applications laboratory, it was shown that the material can also be shaped extremely well using CO2-lasers. When it comes to fabrics, the laser is a particularly convincing tool because of its specific characteristics – the ability to cut with a high level of precision without exerting any force on the material ETTLIN lux® does not need to be clamped or fixed in any other way and can be cut by laser without any distortion./nAt the same time, this produces a special side-effect: because it concentrates energy as heat, the laser cutting produces a melted seam on the cutting edge which can be more or less pronounced. With regard to further processing, this can offer some beneficial characteristics: No fraying, clearly defined cutting edges or seams, and lint-free./nThanks to the range of customers who use textiles for a variety of applications, technology in this sector is constantly being refined. Particular attention has been paid in this to the development of automation functions to make the processing more effective, and thereby more economical. Various feed systems enable fully automated processing of the textiles direct from the roll. Unwinding, cutting, winding and software driven optimisation are now standard. Modern nesting functions enable savings in material of up to 25% through careful placement of the individual cutting patterns. This fully automated process means that production can continue around the clock, seven days a week, and the full potential of the laser cutter be exploited./nBenefits of laser cutting/n-No distortion of the fabric thanks to non contact processing
-Sealing of the cutting edges meaning no fraying
-Large formats can be processed thanks to smooth
continuous cutting
-Maximum precision
-Processing in any direction regardless of fabric structure
-Fully automated process, straight from the roll/nAbout the company/nETTLIN AG was founded in 1836 as one of the first German joint stock companies in the textiles industry. Today the company researches, develops and produces mainly technical textiles which are used throughout the world in, among others, the abrasives and automobile industries and in the field of textile architecture./nThe independent research and development of textile products and key technologies within the framework of international research consortia plays a central role at ETTLIN. One result of this development work is the completely new light technical special fabric ETTLIN lux®, which is distributed by the newest branch of the company, ETTLIN Lichtstrukturen, as a system supplier for 3D light design./nYou can learn more about ETTLIN and ETTLIN lux® at or

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