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Packed precisely - Accurate laser cutting of foam inlays/nFoams are an integral part of many packaging solutions. They are ideally suited for the implementation of modern design concepts which often present the solution to several goals. Marketing goals are particularly relevant here, in addition to the need for protection and clearly arranged products. Some very important functions in this respect include the eye catching effect, branding strategies and the highlighting of core product features./nWe have used polyurethane (PUR) for our application example, a very popular material for inlay manufacture where it is being used increasingly. PUR is available as both a rigid and a soft foam. Properties such as dimensional stability, light weight and favourable prices make it a very versatile material. And what is more: it can be cut to size accurately using CO2 laser technology./nThe material is neither crimped nor displaced. Even the most sensitive foams cut be cut accurately to the contour because there is no mechanical stressing. A decorative and prestigious packaging for ballpoint pens is cut in our application example./nSupporting inlays are found wherever products from high-quality electronic components and on through to medical equipment are transported safely or where individual products have to be packed decoratively./nSurfaces finished with a laser engraving enhance the high-quality impression of the product design as well as allowing additional information to be placed where it will catch the eye. In these times where the battle to win customers is ever more in the forefront, the right packaging can help give you just that often so decisive selling point

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