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Since its market launch at the start of the 1980s, 3M‘s VHB bonding tape has been an ongoing success story. As an innovative provider of high-quality connection systems, the company is offering a perfect alternative to mechanical fi xing systems with this product. The secret of its success: Viscoelasticity and a high level of adhesion./nWorldwide, these high performance tapes (VHB stands for very high bond, meaning maximum adhesion) are used in countless buildings and innovative products. The range spreads from the first bonding of the coachwork to an ambulance, via the fi rst waterproof camera to complex connections to the façades of high rise buildings. In addition to its durability, this extraordinary bonding system has functional properties that are essential for bonding metals, plastics, glass and painted or powder coated surfaces./neurolaser tested the suitability of 3M adhesive tape and evaluated it as excellent suitable.

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