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Large-scale laser system for the cutting of technical textiles/nLaser cutting is meanwhile being used for a wide range of materials across all sectors of industry. This cutting method offers an efficient alternative to conventional processes both for short runs and for industrial mass production runs. Thus, the contactless processing represents a crucial argument for the textile industry. An increased number of applications can daily be recognised for the usage of this technology in the textile market./nLaser technology in the textile industry – more production flexibility/nToday, modern woven fabrics, spacer fabrics as well as multilayers, fleece and needle fleece, but also glass fibre fabrics, thermo-resistant and additional technical textiles will be cut by laser. Especially the contactless processing through the laser beam and the therewith related non-deforming cutting as well as the high precision are crucial arguments for the use of laser technology. The tool ‘laser beam’ does not have any tool wear, it does not need any work piece fixing and offers high precision up to the 1/10 mm area. Besides, laser processing reduces or eliminates fraying especially in case of cutting mixed fibres. Consequently, corresponding measures for post-processing and cleaning do not need to be considered anymore. Furthermore, the undesirable formation of dust is a thing of the past./nThe 3XL-3200 ‚New Generation‘/nWith the ‘New Generation’ 3XL-3200, now even wider textile sheets up to 3,210 mm width can be processed. Automations for the textile processing are indispensable for an economical production. For roll material, eurolaser applies the Conveyor System. By using this automatic material feed, textiles can be fed for laser cutting directly from the roll and routed after laser cutting directly to a table extension. With a high degree of connecting accuracy after a material feed cycle, sections, which for all practical purposes are endless, can be produced. The bale material is fed via an automatic feeding unit. A feeding system edge controller ensures accurate positioning of the material. There is even an option to add a winding unit to the Conveyor System. This is used for the even winding of previously processed textiles and this accordingly results in a completely automated cutting process./nA special table concept is used for textile machining. This comprises a stainless steel wire mesh and is particularly suitable for thin and flexible materials. On the one hand, this is used as the material support for the machining process and, on the other hand, the transport element for the Conveyor System./nAll in all, who wants to be competitive in the world market any longer should, besides conventional production methods, consider the advantages of innovative laser technology as well.

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